7th and 8th april 2016 at 8h30

Theater of Mende


Clearing house

The dairy sector is evolving worldwide. Despite a stronger than before volatility in dairy markets, growth prospects are real in the medium and long term. Consumption of dairy products will increase by 20% in 20 years to come. Many emerging countries are investing in this sector to develop their self-sufficiency, or increase their export potential.

.In this new context, we see emerge two distinct trends: firstly a productive farming model of increasing size for a high performance cost control through large volumes, in rather favorable conditions to produce the most competitive manner possible while integrating new environmental, societal constraints (animal welfare, reduction of antibiotic use, etc.).

.On the other hand a farming model based on high value-added products, distinguished by superior nutritional, taste, environmental qualities of these. They follow  more stringent rules and specifications and can go up to process their products on the farm and sell them directly, allowing it to support a family, to strengthen close ties with consumers and bring vitality to rural territories.

What makes the strength of the Brown Swiss breed is its ability to adapt very well to these two main demands. In each of these situations, its intrinsic qualities are able to make the difference in profitability. The 10th World Congress will be the demonstration and illustration of the Brown answer: presentations at conferences, the planned farms visits, experience feedback with Brown Swiss over the world, as well as the European show will allow you to you get a clearer idea of ​​profit talent of these beautiful Brown cows.

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